• Accuracy guaranteed to &#177 .0002
  • May be used in conjunction with face drivers.
  • Large workpieces in CNC applications
  • Also availble in Jarno, Brown and Sharpe, and Straight Shanks.
  • Riten full service, repair and guarantee apply.
Unit of Measure


Morse Taper (MT) Size

N/A 3

Dim. "A"

N/A 1.125 Inch

Dim. "B"

N/A 1.500 Inch

Dim. "C"

N/A 2.813 Inch

Dim. "D"

N/A 3.188 Inch

Dim. "E"

N/A 0.500 Inch


N/A 0 to 5000


N/A 3000 lbs


N/A Stub spindle design on 3MT and 4MT.

Type of Taper

N/A Morse Taper

Point Style

N/A Standard Point
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