Imperial Carbide Centers cover the requirements for a wide range of workpiece center holes. They reduce costs by eliminating the need for special dead centers. Knockout ends are hardened on carbide tipped dead centers. Applying a Moly EP632 grease on the point will reduce friction and wear.
Unit of Measure


N/A Large Carbide Point


N/A ± .00005


N/A 3

A - Point Diameter

N/A 1.250 Inch

E - Gage Line to Back of Head

N/A 0.370 Inch


N/A Carbide Diameter

H - Height above Center Line

N/A 0.125 Inch

K - Gage Line to Point

N/A 2.370 Inch

L - Length of Cut Out

N/A 1.690 Inch

T - Carbide Tip Diameter

N/A 1.000 Inch


N/A Imperial Large Carbide

Available Points

N/A Carbide Tipped Half Dead Center
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