Over 40 percent of Riten's live centers are "specials," and a large number of current catalog models started out as a custom-engineered product for an individual customer.

The Adjusta-Point Live Center is yet another example. It is designed specifically for applications when a workpiece's center hole is not quite on center. The adjustable point locates in the center hole, centering the part by offsetting the deviation. The process is similar to indicating a part using a 4-jaw chuck.

The center is equipped with four external adjusting screws that can move the point up to .030" in any direction. Initially available in Morse tapers, with additional tapers by request. Specifications are shown on the reverse.

Bad center holes are an occasional nuisance, but with Riten's new Adjusta-Point Live Center, you have the tool to turn them from scrap into accurately machined parts.
Unit of Measure



N/A Riten®


N/A Adjusta-Point

Type of Taper

N/A Morse Taper


N/A 4

A - Point Diameter

N/A 1.688 Inch

B - Point Length

N/A 2.120 Inch

C - Head Diameter

N/A 4.388 Inch

D - Head Length

N/A 3.404 Inch

E - Gage Line to Back of Head

N/A 0.574 Inch

Point Style

N/A Standard Point


N/A Steel

Max. Speed

N/A 3000 rpm

Max. Work Piece Weight

N/A 3000
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