Riten Bull Nose Centers are constructed with larger bearings to carry heavier loads. The strength and alignment of the fully supported bull nose gives longer center life when machining larger workpieces. The rigidity of the center prevents vibration and chatter. For best results, choose a bull nose center that will place the workpiece in the middle or toward the larger end of the 60° angle. This will balance the weight of the part on the center and help carry the load evenly over the bearings.
Unit of Measure



N/A Hardened Tool Steel


N/A Heavy Duty Bull Nose


N/A ± .0002


N/A 5

Type of Taper

N/A Morse Taper

A - Point Diameter

N/A 9.000 Inch

E - Gage Line to Back of Head

N/A 0.470 Inch

F - Minimum Diameter

N/A 4.000 Inch

K - Gage Line to Point

N/A 6.630

Max. Work Piece Weight

N/A 0 to 7000

Point Style

N/A Bull Nose
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