• Accuracy guaranteed to ± .00025.
  • Interchangeable points reduce the need for several centers.
  • Mounting taper of point is 1:10.
  • Purchase individual replacement points or a complete set.
  • Special points are available upon request.
  • Safe storage container provided when you purchase a complete set.
  • Point extractor for easy removal of points is included in the set or can be purchased separately.
Unit of Measure



N/A Riten®

Point Style

N/A Interchangeable Points/Adapters


N/A Hardened Tool Steel


N/A ± .00025


N/A M - Male Point


N/A 5

Type of Taper

N/A Morse Taper

A - Point Diameter

N/A 1.500 Inch

B - Point Length

N/A 1.438 Inch

C - Head Diameter

N/A 0.868 Inch

K - Gage Line to Point

N/A 1.652 Inch


N/A Quick Point

Other Available Points

N/A Bull Nose Changeable Standard Tracer

A - Head Diameter

N/A 1.500 Inch

Dim. "C"

N/A 0.868 Inch

T - Carbide Tip Diameter

N/A 1.438 Inch
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