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  • Accuracy guaranteed to ± .0001.
  • For heavy, large center hole workpieces.
  • Interchangeable pipe point for greater precision in difficult configurations, applications, and tool clearances.
  • High RPM capacity.
Unit of Measure



N/A Pipe Nose


N/A ± .0001


N/A 5

Type of Taper

N/A Morse Taper

A - Point Diameter

N/A 5.500 Inch

E - Gage Line to Back of Head

N/A 0.625 Inch

F - Minimum Diameter

N/A 1.500 Inch

K - Gage Line to Point

N/A 5.555


N/A 6.863 Inch

Max. Work Piece Weight

N/A 0 to 7000

Max. Speed

N/A 4000 rpm

Point Style

N/A Pipe Nose

Pipe Point Part No.

N/A 96515